The Canadian fashion industry faces many unique challenges, the most obvious being that we spend the majority of our time trying to stay warm/dry rather than fashionable. From crumbling railway infrastructure and cuts to the post system making shipping time-consuming and expensive, to a lack of national pride and government support for our textile and apparel manufacturing industries (something the US does very well), we are on the verge of being disregarded entirely as a fashion destination though we are a (typically) booming post-modern economy and country.  The Target disaster serves to highlight the fact that companies from other countries either don’t care or find business too difficult to do here. If we don’t take care of our own industry and businesses, there won’t be anyone to save us. 

But why does that matter? 

Well, why wouldn’t we want to be part of an industry worth billions of dollars globally? 

Fashion isn’t frivolous, it has far reaching effects on us personally, nationally, and globally. Our clothing choices project who we are as individuals, it’s time to scale that up and let Canada shine on the international stage (or runways, as it were). 

As the designer behind Gaistazia, I felt it was important to educate and create discussions surrounding issues that should be dear to every Canadian fashionista (I hate that word. Votes on what we should change it to?).  What’s the point of building influence as a company if that influence can’t be used for the greater good? Ideas are meant to be shared and explored so new knowledge can be created. Let’s put our diverse backgrounds to good use.

If you’re looking to read catty remarks about celebrity red carpet style or how to wear certain trend guides, you’ve probably figured this isn’t the place to find them. But if you want catty remarks about corrupt, hapless, or ignorant politicians and business leaders and the havoc they create, you are, in fact, in the right place. 

Other topics covered will relate to the fashion industry nationally and globally and include: 

  • histories of innovations or important people that have helped shape our industry
  • current events such as trade agreements, new technologies, legislation, and economic changes and how they will affect future trends and business practices
  • the rapidly changing social climate and national identity of Canada, and how socially aware business practices are more important than ever in terms of ethical and environmentally safe sourcing and production of materials and products, and worker’s rights.  We can always do better. 
  • aesthetic psychology: a true passion of mine; why do we like what we like? 
  • posts centred around my own company, Gaistazia. From collection inspiration and in depth behind-the-scene looks, to values and business practices I hold dear, I welcome you into the journey I’m taking as a designer entrepreneur. A Designerpreneur? Sure, let’s go with that. 

If you’re still with me after all of this, I promise it won’t be as dry reading as you expect. While the topics may be rather meaty, and may at times be uncomfortable for me to post and you to read, we can make this an enjoyable experience by contributing to lively discussions.  If you love fashion, or merely use it as another tool in your professional arsenal, you will find this blog interesting and educational. Even if fashion isn’t your jam, you can learn about Canada and its place in the world through a different lens.

Or even if you just really fucking love glitter. Read my blog. 

To end on a more lighthearted note, let me introduce myself personally.

My humble beginnings a shy little girl who was obsessed with bats and spent more time making things out of tape and Popsicle sticks than practicing piano, led me down a convoluted path first through 15 years of classical music training, then a degree in Theatre Design, and eventually to starting my own fashion business two and a half years ago. It’s been a fascinating ride so far, and I hope my next 24 years on this planet (or off it, you never know, Mars maybe become the new fashion destination) are just as exciting and full of opportunity. 

So, if you’re ready for a good dose of honesty, some statistics, and the occasional emphasizing curse word, leave a comment telling me who you are and why you hate all the commas I use. 

Till next week, go spread some glitter, er, I mean good cheer. 

Your Sequinatrix, 



One thought on “An Introduction

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