The History of Our Civilization is Written in the Clothes on Our Backs

and I’m here to tell Canada’s part in it.

“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” —Rachel Zoe

What should Canadians want to say about themselves, and how do we get the international fashion (and otherwise) community to listen?

As a Canadian designer and blogger, I will act as a guide through past, present and future, with an emphasis on where we are going vs. where we should be going as an industry and country.

Excerpt from my introduction post:

Topics covered in this blog will relate to the fashion industry nationally and globally and include:
  • histories of innovations or important people that have helped shape our industry
  • current events such as trade agreements, new technologies, legislation, and economic changes and how they will affect future trends and business practices
  • the rapidly changing social climate and national identity of Canada, and how socially aware business practices are more important than ever in terms of ethical and environmentally safe sourcing and production of materials and products, and worker’s rights. We can always do better.
  • aesthetic psychology: a true passion of mine; why do we like what we like?
  • posts centred around my own company, Gaistazia. From collection inspiration and in depth behind-the-scene looks, to values and business practices I hold dear, I welcome you into the journey I’m taking as a designer entrepreneur. A Designerpreneur? Sure, let’s go with that.

While the topics may be rather meaty, and may at times be uncomfortable for me to post and you to read, we can make this an enjoyable experience by contributing to lively discussions. If you love fashion, or merely use it as another tool in your professional arsenal, you will find this blog interesting and educational. Even if fashion isn’t your jam, you can learn about Canada and its place in the world through a different lens. 

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Designer Bio

Gaistazia was created by designer Anastasia Pearce after completing her fashion schooling through the University of Regina with classes towards a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theater Design, the Intensive Studies Program at Parsons in Fashion Illustration, and finally a prestigious internship at Maggie Norris Couture in New York.  This education, combined with her background in classical music and art allows her to create modern and evocative narratives with her runway presentations.  She produced two collections under the name Theme & Variation while a student before starting Gaistazia to better represent initiatives conceived at the Canadian Fashion Scholar Symposium in Fall 2015.



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