Saskatchewan Fashion Week 2017

Plot Twist

The 1910’s is an often overlooked decade outside of the context of the Great War. Sandwiched between the restrictive Victorian era in England and the roaring 20’s in America, by the end of this period western society had exploded into the modern era. The Spring/Summer 2017 collection is inspired by this era and the unstructured gowns women wore in their homes, juxtaposed with the Moulin Rouge dancers who draped themselves in the performative sexuality of far-flung lands. A blend of delicate fabrics in hues inspired by teacups, and design elements that allow beading to be revealed or sections to be draped by the wearer bring life to the Gaistazia woman: polished, memorable, and unapologetically female.

For this runway presentation, the designer asked each model to dramatically over-perform one aspect of their personality on the walk back. One presented with severe paranoia, another inappropriately flirted with the front row, each of them really went for it and had a blast. The acting was meant as a playful commentary on how non-creatives still think really good art comes from a dark or rather off-kilter place in a creators mind, as well as the exploitive nature of the ways we’ve put young women on stage for centuries. Audience reviews boiled down to: it made them uncomfortable to watch, but they loved having that experience.

The pre-show video reinforces that idea of a polished exterior with a plot twist buried underneath.


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